Commit 65bfdfeb authored by CapsLock's avatar CapsLock

Update .gitlab-ci.yml

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......@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ patch_and_build_signal:
- "git apply $CI_PROJECT_DIR/fix-build-regretion-on-v4.30.2.patch"
- "./gradlew --stacktrace assembleWebsiteRelease" #assembleWebsiteDebug
- "mkdir -p $CI_PROJECT_DIR/artifacts"
- "find $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Signal-Android/build/outputs -name *.apk"
- "mv $(find $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Signal-Android/build/outputs -name *.apk) $CI_PROJECT_DIR/artifacts"
- "find $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Signal-Android/app/build/outputs -name *.apk"
- "mv $(find $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Signal-Android/app/build/outputs -name *.apk) $CI_PROJECT_DIR/artifacts"
- "ls -lh $CI_PROJECT_DIR/artifacts"
# To sign packages ; you'll need a keystore with your certificate
# signing packages is important, it also allows application update without removing previous installed version of the app
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