Commit c402778b authored by CapsLock's avatar CapsLock

fixed escape char in gitlab-ci.yml

parent 38ccf833
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ patch_and_build_signal:
- "export GRADLE_OPTS=\"-Dorg.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4608M\""
- "export ANDROID_HOME=\"/sdk-tools-linux\"" # set ANDROID_HOME env var
- "git clone && cd Signal-Android && git checkout v4.19.3" # get signal sources
- "for f in res/values*/strings.xml; sed -i 's/<string.*name=\"app_name\".*>.*<\/string>/<string name=\"app_name\">Langis<\/string>/g' \"$f\"; done" # app rename
- "for f in res/values*/strings.xml; sed -i 's/<string.*name=\"app_name\".*>.*<\\/string>/<string name=\"app_name\">Langis<\\/string>/g' \"$f\"; done" # app rename
- "./gradlew clean" # cleanup
- "git apply $CI_PROJECT_DIR/destroy-gcm-support.patch" # apply our patch
- "./gradlew assembleWebsiteRelease" #assembleWebsiteDebug
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