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- build
stage: build
- "apt update && apt install -y git"
- "git clone && git checkout v4.16.4"
- "cd Signal-Android && git apply ../destroy-gcm-support.patch"
# export ANDROID_HOME="/home/jenkins/android-sdk-tools-linux-3859397"
# to accept licenses
# /home/jenkins/android-sdk-tools-linux-3859397/tools/bin/sdkmanager --licenses
# cleaning up
#./gradlew clean
#export ANDROID_HOME="/home/jenkins/android-sdk-tools-linux-3859397"
#export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx4608M"
#./gradlew build
# If you see "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" then fetch and install your apk /work/Signal-Android/build/outputs/apk/Signal-Android-debug-unaligned.apk
# artifacts: build/outputs/apk/**/*.apk
- master
\ No newline at end of file
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